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Alex Jones Endorses Ron DeSantis Over Donald Trump, If the Governor Decides To Run for POTUS


Alex Jones, who is under fire, disavowed Donald Trump on Wednesday and declared he would back Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for president in 2024.

Over the years, Jones has been among Trump’s most devoted fans.

Jones was ordered to compensate the family of a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim more than $40 million earlier this month by a jury. Jones maintained the incident was a fake for many years, and the families of the victims were staged. During his trial, Jones claimed he believed the shooting was real.

Jones claimed that despite his disagreement with Trump’s Warp Speed, he “pig-headedly backed [Trump] a few years ago.” Trump’s plans to create a Covid-19 vaccine in 2020 were mentioned by the InfoWars host. Jones is vehemently opposed to the vaccine.

DeSantis nominated a surgeon general by the name of Joseph Ladapo, who has publicly questioned the efficacy of the vaccine.

Jones continued, “I thought we had to keep him in office because of the worst-case scenario if Hillary or Biden came in. “Having said that, I am behind DeSantis. DeSantis recently improved from being fantastic to unbelievable good. And like Christ stated, I don’t merely observe a man’s behavior. A tree is judged by its fruits. On HD footage, I can also see the genuine honesty in his eyes.

Jones added, “This is how Trump ought to be. And he’s now hammering home the point I’ve been making. And we have a candidate who is superior to Trump. Much superior to Trump.

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