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BONGINO: Trump Prepares Something Linked To 2020!


We love Dan Bongino!

It would be better if they give him a bigger presence on Fox News, but he isn’t a RINO, and he doesn’t get much attention! Bongino constantly tells the truth.

The clip that we got it’s a must-watch!

BioClandestine did a great job and summarized the things. The conclusion was that Trump is preparing something linked to the 2020 election.

Please read the summary from BioClandestine, and then you can watch the video.

This clip reminds me of a conversation I had with Congressman JR Majewski and Zak Paine, while live streaming on RedPill78 a few months ago.

Representative Majewksi had just gotten back from CPAC and spent a good amount of time with Trump, where the pro-Trump party discussed much of Trump’s game plan moving forward into 2022 and beyond. Majewksi told us that he couldn’t reveal their conversations and the overall plan, but he did help narrow it down via process of elimination.

He agreed that the People have zero interest in waiting for 2024 and there must be a plan to come back sooner. My thinking at the time was:

-No mail-in voting
-GOP win big in midterms 2022
-Majorities in both House and Senate
-Appoint Trump as Speaker
-Impeach Kamala and Biden
-Trump becomes POTUS

Majewksi said that this was not the plan, but all of us were on the right track as it pertains to coming back before 2024. Which led me to believe the only logical way to come back sooner would be to overturn the election in some way, before the midterms. Otherwise my plan would be faster.

At the time I didn’t see an avenue for this to happen. But now, with the revelations from 2,000 Mules, and the overall posturing and messaging from Trump, it appears Trump and his circle knew/know about something pertaining to fraud in the 2020 election.
I don’t know what it is, or if it comes to fruition, but Trump and his inner circle seem to have a plan and they are confident in it.

This situation is rather unprecedented as you might imagine, so projecting a legal avenue is difficult without knowing more details. Is there a way to overturn the election outright with evidence of fraud? Would the US MIL step in to defend the Constitution and the will of the People? Would it require a “redo election” for the states/counties affected by fraud? Would we have to redo the entire election for all states? There’s already a federal election coming up, could they simply add the Presidential candidates from 2020 back on the ballot during the midterms?

No idea. But Trump continues to say he has a big move coming and it’s related to the 2020 election. Now with Gregg Phillips coming out with his statements about something “10x bigger than mules”.

My guess is they have identified the “organizations” where the ballots were being disseminated to the mules. They followed the money, climbed the ladder all the way to the top and figured out who was facilitating the entire fraud network.

Now keep in mind, the beneficiary of the election fraud (Biden) was also a main ideologue overseeing the deep state biological network and creating enhanced pathogens (bioweapons) at black-site biolabs in Ukraine. Hunter Biden’s investment firm laundered US tax dollars to Hunter Biden’s biolabs in Ukraine, to conduct research on C19, before the C19 pandemic started. (See my previous post).

Gregg Phillips says they found “the most explosive issue anyone has ever come across pertaining to US elections”. While I agree, I need to know, how far did they go up the ladder?


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