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BOOM! AZ Supreme Court Strikes Down Democrat Sponsored Bill To Facilitate Election Fraud


Arizona’s election integrity is once more receiving national attention. After the Arizona Supreme Court rejected a Democrat-led initiative to make cheating in the state’s elections more simpler, the swing state that has been in the news since the 2020 election is once again making headlines.

On Friday, the Arizona Supreme Court overturned a Democratic-backed initiative that, if supported by state voters, would have overturned regulations imposed by Arizona State lawmakers preserving the integrity of the state’s elections.

According to The Federalist, same-day voter registration, the elimination of Arizona’s “ballot harvesting ban,” and “voter registration with little identification, such as a pay stub” were among the proposed modifications to the state’s election laws.

The initiative also included clauses that, among other things, would have made it “harder to revoke voter registrations of inactive voters,” deleted “the 30-day residency requirement to vote,” and disqualified “electors who don’t choose the president selected by Arizona’s presidential election.”

A law that “requires the state to remove infrequent voters off the state’s Permanent Early Voting List, turning it into a ‘active’ early voting list” was passed by the Arizona legislature in 2021. A statute requiring voters to provide identification as evidence of citizenship in order to cast a ballot in federal elections was also signed this year by GOP governor Doug Ducey.

The Biden Department of Justice later sued Arizona over this issue, calling the legislation a “unnecessary restriction” that “turns the clock back on progress” and “block[s] qualified voters from the registration rolls for some federal elections.”

America anxiously awaited the completion of Arizona’s forensic audit by independent auditors in September 2021, but when the study’s findings were made public, the media and Democrat lawmakers distorted them to make it seem as though there had been no fraud at all.

President Trump clarified their conclusions in a statement following the release of the Arizona forensic audit report, saying, “The Fake News is lying about the Arizona audit study!”

Arizona Audit Bullet Points:

Over 3,400 more votes were cast than were indicated by the canvass,

Compared to the official number of mail-in ballots distributed by the county, almost 9,000 more ballots were received and counted.

Precincts report that more ballots were cast on election day than there were registered voters. additional 1,551 votes.

In the early vote returns, there were about 2,500 ballots that did not have a voter assigned to them.

In the county final vote file, there are almost 255,000 early votes that do not have a corresponding record in the early voting returns file.

After shifting after the October 5th deadline, more than 23,000 people cast mail-in ballots.

After leaving the county, 2,382 people cast ballots in person in Maricopa county.

In place of a presidential-only ballot, more than 2,000 voters who relocated outside of Arizona in the 29 days prior to the election received a full ballot.
Nearly 300 deceased voters could still cast ballots.
The number of differences in the vote total is unusual. Only deliberate behavior or extreme ineptitude on the part of Maricopa county officials could have led to this.
There are too many differences to pick a clear winner for Arizona’s electoral votes.
In Maricopa County, Arizona, Ben Cotton (seen below) presented the IT findings from the audit of the 2020 Election Results.

During his presentation, Cotton said that people connected to the election had erased files.

The important thing, according to Cotton’s audit team, is that they were able to determine the timestamps at which the files were altered. From there, they were able to take screenshots of Maricopa County employees typing during those times, he claimed.

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