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BOOM: ‘It Is My Duty’, Governor Ron DeSantis Delivers Bombshell To George Soros-Backed DA, Removed For ‘Militant Agendas’


Democrats and their cash cow, George Soros, had a plan. It was simple actually. Dump tons of cash into liberal-run cities to destroy them even more than the liberals already have. Flood city streets with rapists, murderers, thugs, and every criminal out there.

The cash would fund the campaigns of progressive district attorneys who campaigned on the facade of criminal justice reform. The cities, desperate to justify their run-down existence, jumped on board for a chance to blame systemic racism in law enforcement and the powers that be.

Some high-profile incidents involving the police would occur across the country. The media publicized those events and bombarded the airwaves with video footage. The DAs would win their elections easily and begin their self-destructive criminal justice reform.

The only problem is it may have worked too well. Crime is on the rise across the country. The media tries to hide it, but the images are everywhere. The DAs and their egos have gone astray and ran wild. They released all kinds of criminals without bail. America figured it out.

San Francisco recalled the city’s DA in a landslide. Los Angeles will be soon bringing their reckless and uncaring District Attorney into the fold and throwing him out to pasture. Philadelphia, Boston, and several other cities will be next.

Florida Governor DeSantis isn’t going to wait around for a recall. The State’s Constitution gives the Governor power and authority to remove the state’s District Attorneys who are not performing their job.

Florida governors have the authority to suspend state officers for, among other things, neglect of duty, under Article IV, Section 7 of the Florida State Constitution, according to dailycaller.com.

“We are suspending Soros-backed 13th circuit state attorney Andrew Warren for neglecting his duties as he pledges not to uphold the laws of the state,” DeSantis’ office said in a statement.

Warren declined to leave the office. Law Enforcement insisted he leave on his own accord. Faced with the offer of walking out or being carried out, Warren chose to leave.

The real reason for law enforcement being present is to confiscate any and all electronic devises and the communication on them. Every piece of equipment belongs to the State of Florida and every sentence typed, tweeted, or texted on them belongs to the State of Florida.

As expected, the liberal media had a field day calling Governor DeSantis a strong man, and comparing what he did to Soviet-style tactics complaining about revoking Disney’s special tax status tas well. They also complained about Florida’s not backing the Tampa Bay Rays stadium.

The media will continue to attack DeSantis because he poses a threat to their Democrat party partners and ultimately, the funding. If Trump does not enter the 2024 Presidential race, Governor DeSantis is the choice for the nation.

The odd thing is Joe Scarborough or his progressive buddies never once mentioned the violent criminals or their victims. Not one mention of George Soros or his funding of District Attorneys to overthrow America’s criminal justice system.

It is highly unlikely, that the police would have forcibly removed Warren. I do hope body camera footage is available if there were any heated discussions. The liberal district attorneys already hate the police and making any false claims against them would be expected.

The Soros backed criminal justice reform throughout the nation has been systematically destroying the nation as everyone watches. Governor DeSantis has stood up to their unethical and corrupt behavior. Hopefully, there will be more Governors to follow.

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