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Breaking: “Blatant Corruption Being Exposed In Broad Daylight”, Tulsi Gabbard Accuses Nancy Pelosi And Demands That She…


Former Democrat Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has not made friends in the Democrat party. They have accused her of being a Russian asset, a political ally of Russian President Putin, a Syrian President Bashar Assad apologist, and a right-wing extremist flaunting her military career for votes.

It is safe to say her bombshell accusation this week of witnessing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s “blatant,” corruption will not sit well with the Democrats.

Gabbard appeared on Fox News Jesse Waters show and told him, “she witnessed the corruption firsthand when I was in Congress.” Later on, she doubled down on Twitter.

The former soldier’s comments come after Paul Pelosi’s investments. The stock trades are under intense scrutiny. Paul is the husband of Nancy Pelosi who oversees the regulation of the industries her husband is investing in. In the least, it appears insider information is used for trading.

The Speaker of the House’s salary is $223,500 a year, according to the U.S. House of Representative Press Gallery. Most of the couple’s wealth derives from Paul Pelosi’s ownership of venture capital firm Financial Leasing Services Inc.

The couple has millions of dollars worth of real estate investments, business partnerships, and stock holdings. They own a home and a vineyard in Napa that are reportedly worth between $5 million and $25 million.

The recent curious purchase of Apple stock is not the first time Paul Pelosi has made eye-brow-raising trades. There have been several times throughout the Speaker of House’s time in office this has occurred.

In 2021, according to the NY Post’s Kelly Sadler, “he purchased about $10 million in Microsoft shares through call options on March 19th when the stock was trading at $230.35”.

“Days later, Microsoft was awarded a contract by the United States Army valued at $22 billion and inked a deal to buy an artificial intelligence firm. Its stock has soared about 12% since his initial investment,” Sadler wrote.

Now, it could be Paul Pelosi is just good at what he does. He could be reading the market correctly. However, the timing of the investments amidst a looming recession is a virtual July 4th display of red flags indicating potential nefarious behavior.

If he is that good, the Administration should be asking for his help fixing the economy. Then again, they may be afraid his recent arrest for driving under the influence injury resulting in Napa County might look bad.
To be fair, he is not the only member of Congress who profits from the stock market. There are plenty of others that do it. When Gabbard was asked if she and her husband ever did so, she responded that they did not.

The Speaker of the House was asked if she and her husband profited from information gathered from her position. She answered “no”. Of course, that was after she shoved Mayra Flore’s little girl for a photo op. Wait, that was a different time.

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