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BREAKING: Researchers Release Proof Of Over 20,000 ILLEGAL Voters In 2020 Election In One Georgia County – Biden Margin Of Victory Was 11,779 [VIDEO]


This story is developing…

VoterGA.org’s Garland Favorito stated today on The Georgia 2022 Show that there has been a group of individuals working for a year checking Georgia voter rolls.

They are going to issue a challenge to more than 39k voters this week with sworn affidavits, where 18k of those voters voted in the 2020 election.

The margin of victory in Georgia, was approximately 12,000 votes.

From the press release:

A few examples of the findings include:

Unlawful Handling of Absentee Ballots – 21,100+ Ballot requests were received as early as January, 2019, unlawfully approved, and mailed when the “earliest” lawful date was May 6, 2020. Of these, 74% resulted in a vote.

Deleted Votes – 1,000+ people voted in 2020 per the SoS voter roll, but do not show up in the SoS

Duplicate voters – 2,700+ registration IDs with the same/similar name, birthyear, and address are in the Voter rolls, of which 249 of these pairs double or triple voted.

Registered Voters No Longer at Registration Address – 93,462 Gwinnett voters no longer live at their Registration address per NCOA data, resulting in a 14.9% error rate in the voter rolls.

Non-existent addresses – 2,700 registered voters are at phantom houses, apartment buildings and other non-existent addresses

Registered Voters Moved out of the county/state – 2,600+ Registration IDs (voters) were given credit for voting in the Gwinnett 2020 election when they no longer lived in the County

Other Address Issues – 450+ registered voters are at Public Storage Units, PO Boxes, RV Parks, Motels, Extended Stays, and even No Address At All

Other Fraud – SoS Voter History File shows evidence of inactive voters given credit for voting and remaining inactive with no voter history update. Evidence of voter IDs given credit for voting in the Gwinnett election while residing in other counties. Voter IDs were given credit for voting in the 2020 election that are not on any county voter roll in Georgia during this timeframe.

Read the full press release with addition details:

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