Detailed thread shows FBI OBLITERATED bedrock civil liberties in their J6 quest to ‘Defend Democracy’

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The more we hear about what the FBI did and has been doing when it comes to January 6th the more we question how this could possibly be happening in the United States of America. It just seems unreal.

Especially reading through this thread from Michael Tracey about a ‘modern-day general warrant used to seize the personal data of thousands of people.

Take a look:

What the heck is a ‘modern-day general warrant’? And REALLY, they used it to seize personal data on anyone who COULD HAVE BEEN in the approximate vicinity of the Capitol on January 6. No, they weren’t definitely there but they could have been there so that was enough to seize their personal data.

Holy crap.

Keep going.


But wait, there’s more.

We got nothin’.

Equated presence to criminality.

In America.

Cheered. We’ll see them cheered because people are immensely stupid and clueless about what all of this could mean for ALL OF US down the road.

But. Pressed. On.

Arrested, for taking a selfie.

In the Capitol.

This just gets worse and worse, you guys.

That we’re seeing behavior from our government … no words.


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