Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes: WTF?


I just finished listening to Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes’ new interview with Steve Schultz over at Elijah Streams and I have to say I am quite perplexed.

I had a very uneasy feeling listening to almost this entire thing.

I’m not sure what in the world happened here and perhaps I heard something wrong, but it started off with her naming three “Channels” or “Shows” that she claims are sowing division in the community and then I think she said she has referred them to the FBI!

What in the world?

I’m not going to name those channels here, you can listen for yourself in the video below, but unless they have done something actually criminal I am completely dumbfounded by this.

That is not how we operate as MAGA Constitutionalists.

Their crime, if I heard Dr. Jan correctly, was that they have spoken out against Gen. Flynn, Admiral Rodgers, and TrueTheVote and tried to “destroy their reputation”.

Quote: “we’re very concerned about the unity — it has a crack in it.”

That scares me.

Any time everyone is forced into one box, whether that be ONE religion, ONE government, ONE way of thinking, that’s where problems arise.

That’s not our Country.

That’s not our First Amendment.

The fact that people have different opinions online is causing you great concern?

That’s called First Amendment freedom of speech and free debate of ideas, isn’t it?!

She moved through this so fast that perhaps I don’t know all the details, and if “intentionally trying to destroy their reputations” rises to the level of defamation then the Courts should deal with it.

But referring them to the FBI and saying no one should watch or share their content seems wildly anti-American to me.

What am I missing here?

Can someone fill me in below in the comments?

I don’t know the three Channels she singled out personally.

I’ve certainly seen them around and seen their posts shared online, but I don’t know them.  I’ve never watched their shows…..

Maybe they truly are first class a-holes….but even so, I have always been under the impression that even choosing to be a first class a-hole is not a criminal offense in America.

Certainly not something which merits being referred to the FBI.

For real?

Because they had opinions online?

That’s very scary.

Which is why I was so taken aback by these statements!

And so out of character for what I thought I knew about Dr. Jan from her prior interviews.

Perhaps Dr. Jan will correct the record in her next interview because she also wanted to really correct the record in this one and claim she is NOT running a PsyOp.

She must have said that three or four times.

Ok Dr. Jan, fair enough, but don’t act like that idea came out of nowhere….

That idea was a VERBATIM quote from her last interview with Nino’s Corner.

Watch here:

So ok, she doesn’t like that term anymore and that’s fine.

Everyone is entitled to correct the record or even to change their mind!

But Dr. Jan, if anyone connected you and PsyOp it was only because they were directly quoting you.

Then as the interview went on, there were a couple other moments that just hit very wrong in my spirit.

One was when you or I would have referred to “God” she very deliberately said “a Higher Spirit”.

So new-agey!

And look, that’s fine too.

People don’t have to be a Christian in order for me to talk with them or listen to what they have to say.

When you take your car into the shop, do you ask which mechanic will be working on it and what religion they are?

Of course not.

When you go out to eat at a restaurant, do you ask your server if they’re Christian before you will allow them to wait on you?


So I’m not bringing it up as some sort of litmus test, but I did find it very out of tune for “Elijah Streams” first of all, and second of all am I getting Gen. Flynn Seven Rays of Light Prayers and “Higher Spirits” vibes?


But perhaps even more troubling was when she got into the topic of Israel and the alleged “stand down order”.

You all know that topic.

Israel reportedly failed to respond to the Hamas attacks for about 6 hours.

One of the most elite militaries in all the world, and there was no response for about 6 hours, let alone any enemy force penetrating the Iron Dome in the first place!

So Dr. Jan starts talking about that and then says (and once again I quote verbatim): “what difference does it make?”

I can’t be the only person listening who immediately thought of Hillary Clinton, am I?

What difference does it make?

It potentially literally makes the difference between WW3 or not WW3!

I couldn’t believe Steve didn’t challenge her on that, although he’s not exactly known for being a hard-hitting interviewer.

Come on guys!

What difference does it make?

One of the most powerful nations on the Earth either did a Pearl Harbor moment on purpose so they could have the excuse to unleash any realm of attack they desire, which could certainly be viewed as “unethical” to say the very least….or they didn’t.

It’s wildly important!

Patrick Bet-David asked yesterday morning on his podcast whether there was a stand-down order given, and I think that’s a fair question.

PBD is about as mainstream and level-headed as they come.

Here he is asking if a stand-down order was given:

Oh my….

I sure hope that’s not the case.

But it’s almost intellectually dishonest to say “what difference does it make?”

So there you go.

That’s my take after watching this.

I am very confused and very uneasy about the interview.

Am I way off base or did you have similar thoughts?

Watch here and then let me know.

And since Dr. Jan’s entire job is to monitor social, I have no doubt she will read this article, so Dr. Jan….I personally extend an invite for you to come on my show and chat about all of this!

It would be my pleasure to have you on the show for a free and open chat, so long as you don’t refer me to the FBI if I say something you don’t like.

Is that a deal?

I can promise a great interview…

I’ve been a big fan for a long time, but I will also promise some tough questions on the topics above.

“Tough” isn’t even the right word, just an open discussion and debate over the issues listed above.

Let’s talk through them!

Isn’t that what we do in America?

Come on and let’s chat it out!


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