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Eric Trump Announces His Father Just Landed a Huge Victory, Thanks to Those Disgraced FBI Raiders


The American people have had enough. We’ve had enough of watching the entire DC apparatus go after one man, as if he was “public enemy #1,” simply because he had the audacity to beat frumpy old Hillary Clinton.

We’re sick of these no-good, career politicians, who have been sucking us all dry for decades and are now going after the one guy who has actually given back to us and kept his word. The American people now see how rotten and diseased our government is, and everything they do looks and feels suspicious because it’s crooked and immoral, and wrong. We know what’s going on, and they know we know, but they’re so desperate to keep their secrets and run their sleazy games, that they don’t care if we know. They’re in survival mode right now, and all bets are off, and they’ve declared war… on us.

But they won’t win. The American people are mad, and we’re banding together and standing united against this diseased government that’s gone rogue. And after the raid against President Trump, the American people did the one thing they could while they sat in their houses absorbing what had just happened…

They donated.

The American people went on DoanldJTrump.com and they told President Trump they were standing with him, by funding his fight to save this country… in record numbers.

Eric Trump took to Truth Social where he posted about what happened over the 24-hour period after the communist raid.

Here’s what he said:

Yes, Eric, we are pissed. Very pissed.

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