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FBI Informant In Whitmer Case Just Dropped A Bomb On FBI’s Involvement In Jan 6


An FBI informant in the kidnapping case of Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has exposed some bombastic claims about the agency’s actions on Jan. 6, 2021,  that fateful day at the US Capitol in DC when gigantic crowds of supporters from all over the country tried to show their support of President Donald J. Trump and their concerns over a bizarre election, the month before.

The informant claims that the Michigan State Police were asked to let protesters into the Capitol on Jan 6th. If that is true, it could explode back on all of the people who have been demonizing President Trump and his supporters and trying to frame them a narrative that the attendees of the supportive rallies for Trump, were all crazy and violent.

“Whitmer, a Democrat, blamed then-President Donald Trump for stoking mistrust and fomenting anger over coronavirus restrictions and refusing to condemn hate groups and right-wing extremists like those charged in the plot,” the AP reported recently.

Trump recently called the Whitmer kidnapping scheme a “fake deal.”

Here is how they are connected:

“Many have wondered about the sketchy plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Monday, a jury heard from an informant in the case. A retrial is taking place for two suspects who were accused of involvement in the plot after a previous jury was unable to reach a verdict. Two others were acquitted,” Biz Pac review wrote about the case that forced FBI information to come forward,” Biz Pac review said.

According to sources, the FBI informant is named Dan Chappel, 35, a former U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq. He is testifying concerning his involvement with the Wolverine Watchmen, the group at the center of the case. He was at a protest at the Michigan Capitol on April 30, 2020, against the COVID lockdowns, where he claims the FBI openly called for police to let protesters into the building, according to Red State. Bizarrely, the two defendants are not members of the Watchmen.

Ken Bensinger, a journalist, reported on the details about Chappel on Twitter:

In his tweets, Bensinger reported:

NEW: According to an FBI informant, the Michigan State Police allowed armed protesters into the Capitol in Lansing on April 30, 2020, at the specific request of the FBI, which wanted to “de-escalate” the situation.

Dan Chappel, a confidential human source n the Gov. Whitmer kidnapping case, testified just now that he alerted his FBI handlers that he was concerned members of the Wolverine Watchmen, an armed militant group he had infiltrated, was preparing for violence outside the building.

Chappel wore a wire with a live transmitter. Less than a dozen Watchmen were at the event, but in the end hundreds of protestors were allowed into the building. Although the presence of the protestors in the Capitol was disruptive, there was no violence in the end.

Chappel is currently testifying in the retrial of two men accused of plotting to kidnap Whitmer (Adam Fox & Barry Croft, neither of whom were members of the Watchmen). Under cross, he is describing his actions to monitor the group during the spring and summer of 2020

His concern, he told Fox’s defense attorney, was that the Watchmen might assault the building. Coincidentally, Fox was at the event that day, but not with the Watchmen, whom he would not meet until June of 2020.

Chappel said he used his live wire to tell his handlers that the Watchmen were discussing their desire to take violent action and storm the building. According to his testimony, it was his warning that convinced the FBI to ask the MSP to open the doors.

The Associated Press reported on Chappel as well, saying “Chappel, an Army veteran who hauls mail, explained to jurors how he joined a paramilitary group, the Wolverine Watchmen, early in 2020 to maintain his gun skills and meet people who supported gun rights. He said he turned to the FBI when talk turned to killing police.

“They were training to target law enforcement to kill them,” he testified. “I had no idea what these individuals were capable of.”

The AP pulled details together and reported: “Buzzfeed’s Ken Bensinger is reporting that Chappel was wearing a wire for the FBI while in the Capitol. That means there was at least one FBI informant allegedly planted at the protest and there were probably others. Chappel told his handlers that he feared the protest outside would get violent. That was when the FBI reportedly asked Michigan State Police to let people into the building to “de-escalate” the situation.”

As that fact comes to light, it makes people wonder how many other events the FBI has infiltrated. A good bet is a whole bunch of them.

Most people would contend letting the protesters into the building would not “de-escalate” the situation but instead, do the exact opposite. Fortunately, things reportedly did not get violent that day.

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