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FBI “Whitmer Informant” Just Accidentally Blew Lid Off “January 6th” Mystery With Shocking Testimony


A big January 6th “mystery” may have just been solved, thanks to an FBI informant in the Whitmer “kidnapping” trial. Now, I am using the word “mystery” very loosely, because most of us already know exactly why the Capitol Police left the doors open and invited Trump supporters into the Capitol.

They did it because they were told to do it, probably by Pelosi, or one of her henchmen. Why else would they be standing there like tour guides, inviting people inside and taking selfies?

This is still a “mystery” because officials can’t seem to answer why this happened. It’s on video everywhere – you can see it with your own two eyes, yet our government is pretending as if it never happened, or like it’s no big deal. Well, it happened, and it’s a big deal. And now, thanks to the Whitmer “kidnapping” case, it’s an even bigger deal. It turns out that an FBI informant on that case, just testified that the Michigan State Police were told to “allow” armed protesters into the Michigan State Capitol building on April 30th, 2020. They were supposedly trying to “deescalate” the situation.

Oh, sure. Uh-huh.

Is that what they were also doing at the nation’s capitol on January 6th? Just trying to “deescalate” things, and is that why they shot an unarmed female vet inside?

Bizpacreview reported that just when you thought things could not look any worse for the FBI, an informant in the Whitmer kidnapping case dropped a bombshell claiming the agency asked the Michigan State Police to let protesters into the Capitol.

Pile that on top of Jan. 6 suspicions and the unprecedented raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and you get a stew of distrust that is beginning to boil over concerning the federal government. The DOJ is now flatly refusing to release the affidavit in the raid on Trump’s home which is ratcheting up tensions beyond tolerable levels.

Many have wondered about the sketchy plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Monday, a jury heard from an informant in the case. A retrial is taking place for two suspects who were accused of involvement in the plot after a previous jury was unable to reach a verdict. Two others were acquitted.

The FBI informant named Dan Chappel, 35, a former U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq, is testifying concerning his involvement with the Wolverine Watchmen, the group at the center of the case. He was at a protest at the Michigan Capitol on April 30, 2020, against the COVID lockdowns where he claims the FBI openly called for police to let protesters into the building, according to Red State. Bizarrely, the two defendants are not members of the Watchmen.

I live in Michigan, and the left used the images of armed “militiamen” as a weapon here. They tried to scare everyone, it was great for them. So I don’t believe for one minute it was to “de-escalate” anything.

It was for optics and political warfare… Just like January 6th was.

Also, this FBI informant was wearing a wire for the FBI inside the Michigan Capitol on April 30th, so again, this begs the question: How many FBI informants were on the premises during the January 6th melee?

We’ve never got that answer, but what we know now, thanks to the Whitmer FBI informant, is that 9 months prior to January 6th, there was an “armed insurrection” at the Michigan State capital, and the police were told to “invite them in,” and there were FBI informants on site.

Dress rehearsal?

Were those same tactics used on January 6th?

The 2023 GOP Congress better find out the answers to these questions. Fast.

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