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GOP Senator Blows Up Dems’ Green Dreams With A Dose Of Reality


Republican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming told Fox News anchor John Roberts Wednesday that getting to an all-electric automobile fleet “cannot be done.”

“This is part of the great fantasy of the Democrats,” Barrasso said on “America Reports.”

“Last week talking about high energy prices, Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation, what did he say? What did the secretary of energy say? They said buy an electric car. People in Wyoming cannot afford that, they are $55,000 each,” he added.


The Biden administration admitted that the prices for gasoline and other energy sources will remain high through 2023.

“This is the high gas prices that so many Democrats have wanted for years to force people into electric cars,” Barrasso said.


Americans in 28 states face potential blackouts due to an inability of the power grid to shortfalls in electric generating capacity, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation reported last month. Mandates for renewable energy have been difficult to meet as solar and wind power have not been able to replace fossil fuels and nuclear plants, according to electric grid operators.

“Instead of buying an electric car, if you are in California with the coming blackouts, buy an electric generator, you are going to need it,” Barrasso said, describing the Biden administration as “tone deaf” and “out of touch.”

Source: dailycaller


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