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Haunting New Theory Emerges About FBI Raid On Trump, Thanks to a Cryptic Tweet From July 23, 2022


As you likely know President Trump’s private home at Mar-a-Lago was raided by the disgraced, politicized FBI. Joe Biden unleashed his communist feds on his potential 2024 political opponent, completing America’s descent into a third-world banana republic.

It’s disgusting, and just another divisive, putrid move by the most unpopular, hated fake “president” in the history of the United States.

So, why did the FBI raid and ransack President Trump’s home? The public reasoning is that they did it because they claim President Trump took “classified docs” with him after he was illegally ousted from the White House by the illegitimate Biden Regime. The thing is, Trump and his lawyers have been cooperating with officials who’ve been investigating this for a while now, so the sudden RAID and RANSACK was a shock that came out of left field.

So, why did that happen? Well, there are a lot of theories, but one that looks to have some real credibility has just emerged, and it involves a tweet from July 23, 2022.

A liberal reporter by the name of Makena Kelly tweeted out this meme of President Trump. It’s an image of him, with his “45” hat on, and the writing on the meme says “8/8/2022.”

Here’s what the liberal reporter said in her tweet: “The Truth Social Instagram keeps hinting at a Trump surprise for August 8th like he’s Taylor Swift hyping up fans for a new record.”

Okay, so she’s saying that the Truth Social Instagram page had been hinting for a while that something “big” was coming on 8/8/2022… and that’s where the new theory comes in…

What if President Trump has been planning to make his announcement that he’s running in 2024 on 8/8/2022? And that’s why he was in New York, so he could travel down that famous escalator one more time?

And Team Biden got wind of his plans and unleashed this raid to stop the announcement, and also send a “message” to President Trump that he better not run?

That’s what I think happened, and it would also explain why last night, Dan Scavino, Trump’s most trusted loyal friend and aid, tweeted out “DO IT 45 #Trump2024”

Because what else was supposed to happen on 8/8/2022? The only thing that ended up happening was the raid… and we know Trump wouldn’t have known about that back in July.

What do you think of this theory?

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