HOAX OR HORROR? Are People Seeing Something Evil Chasing Them Moments Before Collapse?

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In a now-viral video, a Korean streamer suddenly collapsed during a live stream with his friends.

The incident was captured during a live stream on afreecatv, short for “Any FREE broadCAsting,” a Korean video streaming service that uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology.

In the video, you’ll notice that the young man started making that strange head turn or spinning, and it appeared as if he saw something sinister right before he dropped. This is something that a lot of other people experience too.

Watch the video below:

Another incident was captured on camera during a live stream. A young man suddenly collapsed in the middle of his streaming.

Similar to the first video, it appeared the young man saw something before collapsing.

Watch the video below:

According to a report, people who are collapsing following the introduction of the COVID vaccines.  They are reportedly seeing something before they drop.

We are witnessing increases in all sorts of health issues since people were given the COVID vaccine.

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