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HUGE: Are They Hiding Something? What For Are The Fences At Maricopa County Elections Department? What Is The Thing The People Shouldn’t See?


Maricopa County Elections Department’s faces have been covered with a green tarp, stopping people from seeing and observing the counting process.

What are they hiding?

It seems that the 2020 Fraudulent Presidential election in Michigan is their inspiration. The workers covered the windows at Detroit’s absentee ballot counting center.

TGP reported that Maricopa County still has to count the ballots two days after the shady primary election.

Right after Kari Lake took the lead statewide, the counting stopped. So, the State and Fake News Media are refusing to call the race.

Kari Lake shared a photo of the new fence, stating, “I told you we have eyes everywhere.”

Previously it was announced that Maricopa County was placing extra fencing to keep the people away.

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