Huge Update From Derek Johnson – 11/26/22

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A lot of you have been asking me for an update from Derek Johnson.

He’s a real favorite around here and for good reason!

Well, good news!

I’ve got a huge update for you!

So much in here, and in fact I have TWO updates for you.

Big updates on Trump’s secret control through all of this…

The Unconstitutional “Corporation” of the United States…

Military rule…

And the plan that is playing out to perfection!

tart here with the first from 11/26/22 and you can see it on Rumble here:

nd then another one, from Elijah Streams on 11/22/22 also on Rumble here, together with Jonny Enlow:

If you don’t know Derek Johnson and need to get caught up, start here:

Derek Johnson: Covert Operations!

Derek Johnson continues to be the #1 thing everyone wants to talk about!

And I get it….he is awesome!

He’s a patriot…

An army vet…

He loves our country…

He’s intelligent and informed about the law and what’s happening…

And he’s passionate!

And he continues to put out new information.

Today’s update?  Covert Operations.

Cover Operations happening clear as day once you know what to look for.

Please enjoy right here on Rumble:

Backup on the YouTube:

Love to hear your thoughts….

Drop a comment below!

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