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“If The Party Of Trump Takes Over” House Republicans Plan To Subpoena Top Democrats Involved In…


If House Republicans win the majority in November, they are planning to issue subpoenas to Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi issued subpoenas to House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and four other Republicans. This sets a new standard that Republicans may choose to replicate in November.

Republicans in the House have said they will launch a full investigation into Nancy Pelosi and the Jan. 6 committee. It is their top priority.

Adam Schiff said, “If the Republicans take the majority, I’m more worried they’ll succeed where they failed before and overturn the election. They’ve shown no capacity to govern responsibly. So, subpoenas will be the least of anyone’s concern if the party of Trump takes over.”

The Raging Patriot previously reported:

Republican Representative from Ohio, Jim Jordan, is calling for an investigation of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. To find out her role in the events that occurred on January 6 at the Capitol.

Jordan told Tucker Carlson in 2021, “The fundamental question is why wasn’t there a proper security posture that day? It wasn’t like we didn’t know there was a rally in town. It wasn’t like we didn’t know it would be a big rally, after all, it was a President Trump rally.”

“Why wasn’t there a proper security presence? That is a question that only the speakers roof the United States House of Representatives can answer.”

“My guess is the reason she didn’t have the proper presence there is because–think about what happened last year. The Democrats normalized anarchy.”

On RepublicanLeader.gov they stated:

By refusing to seat House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s appointees to the Select Committee, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has violated 232 years of precedent.

While families are struggling to afford gas that is averaging $5 a gallon nationwide and inflation that is still near a 40-year high, Democrats are laser-focused on playing politics and distracting from the issues that matter.

In today’s press conference, Leader McCarthy made it clear that House Republicans are committed to reducing inflation, lowering the cost of gas, and standing up to the Democrats’ one-party rule.

“Speaker Pelosi’s Select Committee on January 6 is unlike any committee in American history. In fact, it’s the most political and least legitimate committee in American history.

“It has used congressional subpoenas to attack Republicans, violate due process, and infringe on the political speech of private citizens.

“It has been caught altering evidence – including text messages from Ranking Member Jordan.

“It has permanently damaged the House and divided the country.”

“It’s a smokescreen for Democrats to push their radical agenda – like federalizing elections and even abolishing the Electoral College.”

“And all while this Democrat majority ignores the real issues facing Americans – including the worst inflation since 1981, record high gas prices that have doubled since Biden took office, historic crime, and open borders.”

We will see what happens come November.

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