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IT’S OFFICIAL: Paul Pelosi Jr. Was With Nancy Pelosi On Her Trip To Asia!


It’s already official that the corrupted Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken her son Paul Pelosi on her trip to Asia.

TGP reported that Nancy Pelosi might have traveled to Taiwan and other Asian companies to increase her family wealth and that she may have brought her son.

And now, they have confirmed that Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr. was with her on this adventure. TGP used Ai to confirm that it was Paul Pelosi that was with Nancy.

XRvision used a picture of Paul Pelosi from December 2022 to compare the picture of the gentlemen who was seen with her on the trip. He was identified in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

He wore the tie that he was seen on Ukrainian TV in 2017. The Pelosis are as corrupted as the Bidens and Clintons. That’s why they hate Trump.

We can confirm it was Paul Pelosi.

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