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Jimmy Fallon Named In Disgusting New Sex Abuse Lawsuit Involving Children.. And The Details Are DISTURBING


WARNING: This article contains some obscene and sexual content.  If you don’t want to see those details, don’t read, but, as always, we must publish the facts and do not dismiss stories that are relevant.

I’ll start this anecdote by saying I enjoy Jimmy Fallon. Fallon is one of the few “comedians” and late-night hosts that appears to be both talented and entertaining.

I not only disagree with Jimmy Kimmel and Steven Colbert, but none of them is particularly funny, but Fallon makes me laugh and appears to be a kind man.

However, he was just named as a defendant in a heinous new sex abuse lawsuit.

There are two issues:

For starters, we live in a country where people are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

And, two, of everyone charged, Fallon appears to have done the least, which looks to be mostly because he knew horrible things were happening but did nothing to stop them.

At least, that’s my first impression.

Let me show you the details…

The case centers mostly on Horatio Sanz who is accused of doing really disgusting things with girls who claim to have been minors at the time:

That’s bad, but can we all just agree that ANY kind of sex with Horatio Sanz would be disgusting and horrifying?

I digress.

And I don’t mean to make light, but I mean here’s Horatio Sanz for context:

So what kind of things are we talking about?

This for starters:

From Patch:

At one after-after-party organized by Morgan in 2002, the complaint contends that Sanz kissed and groped 17-year-old Jane in front of “the majority of the SNL cast.”

“Jane not only felt sexually humiliated and degraded, but her lifelong career aspirations of working at SNL ground to a halt,” the complaint states.

“The entire SNL cast watched and her idols, Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch, laughed at her.”

Other SNL cast members — Ana Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph and Will Ferrell — reacted, respectively, with fright, disgust and unhappiness, the complaint states.

“Jane suffered lifelong trauma as a result of Sanz’s sexual abuse and all of those at NBC who enabled and condoned it,” the complaint states.

“She was profoundly dehumanized as her heroes stood and laughed at her while her teenage body was violated. She felt like she would never be the same.”

The new filing builds on her 2021 lawsuit against Sanz, who she said groomed her over AOL Instant Messenger and took her to alcohol-filled SNL events and parties.

Sanz’s attorneys, in legal responses, denied the accusations.

An underage Jane, at other points, drank alcohol with Michaels and Fallon, who also exchanged messages with her and brought her into parties, the complaint states.

It gets worse…

From Paste Mag:

The proposed amended complaint paints a vastly more detailed portrait of the abuses Jane Doe suffered as a teenage Saturday Night Live fan than previous filings. It describes the email she received from Sanz and Jimmy Fallon when she was 15 years old and running an SNL fan page. It describes Lorne Michaels telling her that he read this fan page whenever he wanted to know where Fallon was. It describes Sanz flirting with her—kissing her cheek, resting his hand on her back—when they first met after a taping in 2000, when she was still only 15. It describes Sanz fantasizing over IM in 2006 that “the two of them would have sex while he sucked the blood out of little cuts he had made in her skin.” It describes the sexist culture that has defined SNL for decades: one where stars and executives laughed off Chris Farley’s propensity for harassing women; where Michaels surrounds himself with blonde assistants, one of whom (“18 years his junior”) would become his third wife; where female employees have long felt expendable; where multiple cast members and producers, including Michaels himself, have abused their power with impunity; and where it was well-known that underage girls attended after-parties and after-after-parties. As an NBC security guard allegedly told Jane Doe after he found her and her teenage friends roaming 30 Rock unsupervised, “You know what NBC stands for? Nobody cares.”

The proposed amended complaint also includes ample visual documentation absent in the original. There are photos of Jane Doe’s diary entries contemporaneously recording her interactions with Sanz. There are photographs she took both of and with Sanz, including one in a limo to an after-party and one at the after-party itself. There are photographs of autographs she received from Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey, who both allegedly knew of her from her fan site. When Doe introduced herself to Dratch after a taping in 2001, according to the proposed amended complaint, Dratch responded: “Oh my god, are you THE Jane?”

From the lawsuit itself:

  1. In a moment that felt like her worst nightmare, Jane glanced up to see that the majority of the SNL cast was gawking at her. Worse, two of her lifelong idols, Fey and Dratch, were not only staring directly at her, watching her being groped, but giggling excitedly with their hands over their mouths.
  2. Suddenly, Sanz grabbed Jane’s breasts and lifted them out of her shirt from behind, exposing them to all of the party attendees, but for his hands.
  3. When Fey and Dratch saw Jane looking at them, they immediately hid behind others, though they continued to giggle.
  4. Most of the SNL cast was present. Jane personally witnessed that many other cast members saw the assault, including Seth Meyers, Maya Rudolph, and Ana Gasteyer. Gasteyer stood directly in front of Jane and Sanz, staring at them, with her mouth agape in utter horror; she looked like she was shaking with fright. Meyers and Rudolph stood next to Gasteyer; Rudolph looked disgusted. Will Ferrell stood on the side of the entranceway, toward the back, glancing at Jane and Sanz as he spoke to someone, looking unhappy
  5. Jane protested as best she could, asking Sanz repeatedly to stop, but he did not.

Fallon has now been added to the suit, although it appears he did not participate in the conduct from the information we have reviewed.

HLN explains what is going on:

And from CNN:

In a brief in support of her proposed amendment, she explains, “While Doe’s claims are currently barred by the statute of limitations, on March 1, 2023 (and until March 1, 2024), Plaintiff’s claims will not be time-barred, and she will be entitled to bring her GMVA claims against all proposed defendants as a result of the look-back window in the amended GMVA.” She asks the court to grant her request to amend her complaint to add the GMVA claims now in the interest of judicial economy.

An NBC spokesperson said to CNN in an email, “Regardless of Jane Doe’s changing narratives, NBC intends to renew its motion to dismiss.”

NBCUniversal filed a motion to dismiss in April, arguing that “the Complaint fails to set forth facts showing that in 2002 NBCU was aware of Sanz’s alleged predatory behavior or of any propensity he had for sexual assault,” and noting that “Plaintiff does not allege that she, or anyone else, informed NBCU nineteen years ago of the facts she alleges in her Complaint today.”

NBCU also argued that she did not adequately allege a “causal connection between NBCU’s alleged breach of duty and Sanz’s alleged sexual assault during a party hosted by a co-worker at an off-premises location.”
Sanz filed an answer in April to the initial complaint, denying the allegations. His filing also alleges numerous defenses to Doe’s claims, including that her claims are not timely filed and that, to the extent he engaged in any of the alleged conduct, Jane Doe consented to the alleged actions.

CNN has reached out to representatives for “SNL”, Fallon, Morgan, Michaels and Sanz for comment.

In the new proposed complaint, Jane Doe says she texted Sanz in 2019 and “he claimed said he ‘felt terrible’ about” what he’d done.

“However, he avoided taking full responsibility, saying, ‘…I let us get closer and closer. I was a weak man.’” the suit said.

Until proven in a court of law or admitted by Fallon, we will reserve judgment.

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