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Kari Lake: ‘’First Thing We’re Doing Is Finishing Trump’s Wall!’’


Headlines are all over the news about Lake destroying / taking down / owning Brett Baier in her last interview.

We often don’t use these headlines because they are overused. But, once in a while, they deserve to be mentioned.

Kari Lake is incredible!!

We adore DeSantis, Noem, Reynolds, and many other great Freedom Fighters, but Kari Lake has a cold strength that we haven’t noticed since Trump. Also, she is fearless.

We can see actual and strong patriots!

Those are the people that Trump needs by himself to restore the US! Every day we are more impressed by Kari Lake!

In the latest interviews, she brought up all the crucial topics:

  • Closing the border
  • Building the Wall
  • Investigating 2020
  • Reversing 2020
  • Stopping election fraud
  • And so much more!


We have a backup:

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