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Kim Clement’s Secret Letter To Trump


Know we’re big fans of Trey Smith.

In fact, we’re a little worried about him.

He hasn’t posted anything new in a very long time, and some guy name Paul Poke is posting on Trey’s Facebook page.

They keep posting updates that Trey is fine and just busy on his newest video, but we’d all love to see a brief update.

But since we don’t have anything new in over 1 year, I came across this today and it blew my mind again just as much as it did the first time I saw it.

So I wanted to post it again, since we gain hundreds of thousands of new readers each month and many of you may not have seen this yet.

This is a letter written by Kim Clement (an incredible prophet) from 2016, right before Trump was elected.

t was one of the last things he ever did and until now it has been entirely confidential.

It’s every bit as fascinating as you would expect!

Watch it on Rumble here:

And a backup here:


And a backup on Rumble.

Because YouTube deleted Trey’s last video.


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Kim Clement: Biden Falls In 2022? White House Betrayals?

Kim Clement is endlessly fascinating.

Prophecies he gave 8+ years ago suddenly seem more relevant today than ever before.

In fact, everyone is wondering if 2022 is the year he saw all those years ago?

It’s very possible.

This is not the famous Four Seasons prophecy where Kim walks through Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter where he says “Strange July, Strange July” or “I will make them happy in Winter”.

That’s a different once.

But it’s related to this.

There is so much in here about the world stage that seems like it could have been ripped from today’s headlines, so then you have to wonder if he’s speaking about 2022…

And if so, it does NOT look good for Joe Biden.

It looks like he may fall in the summer due to White House betrayals.

Now, what does that mean?


Removal from office?



Watch for yourself and see what you think:

Watch the backup here on Rumble in case YouTube takes this down:

And one more…

This one is so good.

But he’s been silent for several months so I was asking where he was.

Then I saw this pop up today:

Until then, we have his post above and he links out to a Kim Clement video.

I have that clip for you here:

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