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Local AZ News Anchor Just Called Out The #1 Most-Asked Question About Trump’s Raid


Everyone and their brother is asking this same question. I know, I’ve asked it, and I’ve seen many people asking it as well… and now, we have a retired local news anchor from Arizona asking it, so it’s time to get some answers.

As you know, a group of progressive FBI agents raided and ransacked President Trump’s home. We now know they were on a “fishing expedition,” searching for anything and everything so Biden’s DOJ can charge him, and stop him from running in 2024.


Basically, this means they will charge President Trump because they’ve taken so much stuff, that they’ll have 8 ways from Sunday to nail him. I’d be flabbergasted and shocked if they don’t charge him… they need to stop him from running in 2024. They need to end his political power. They need Trump gone… and that’s a really scary thought, considering the monsters and ghouls we’re dealing with.

But like I said, there are a lot of questions surrounding this communist-style raid, but the #1 question is about Hunter Biden. Here we have a man, who is breaking the law on video, smoking crack, waving illegal firearms, doing god-knows-what with what looks to be very young girls… not to mention how his father, the so-called “president” is up to his eyeballs in his crackhead son’s foreign business dealings… and we have the disgusting XXX rated laptop, to prove all of it… yet, even so, right now, Hunter is jetting around on Air Force One, and President Trump is being persecuted and dragged through the mud. The guy who has sacrificed literally everything to serve his country and the American people.

Many of us, want to know why that is… including former AZ local news guy, Rick D’Amico.

Here’s what Rick said in a tweet: “I posted this question on social media: “Can someone explain why Trump is getting raided by the FBI while a man on video snorting cocaine with hookers is jetting around on Air Force One?”

By the way, he got a response from an executive producer from his old place of work, Fox 10: “And an Executive Producer of Fox-10 News, George Habib Obi answered, “the two are not connected and it is embarrassing that I should ask that.” There’s no bias in the media is there?”


That’s what the left loves to do, after spending 4 years, acting as if everything Don Jr. or Eric Trump said, was a national security issue, suddenly, they couldn’t care less that Hunter Biden actually IS a national security issue, and is the likely reason Joe Biden is a compromised, doddering old puppet.

But for some weird reason, our elites don’t care about that.

And they wonder why we hate the government and the disgraced FBI?

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