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Merkel’s KGB Background Revealed


Riddle me this: why would the leader of a sovereign country forego its energy independence to a rival?

It should not take a rocket scientist to figure out that giving Russia sway over your nation’s energy grid, and thus the entire nation itself, is a horrible idea.

It’s literally a matter of national security—probably one of the only legitimate matters of national security.

Yet this is exactly what Angela Merkel did to Germany and it is exactly what President Trump warned her about in 2018.

Merkel assured her people, and the world, that Nordstream 2, the pipeline used to deliver natural gas from Russia couldn’t possibly have geopolitical consequences—how absurd.

You, I, and everyone else know that the consequences of energy dependence on Russia would prove to be disastrous, how could a stateswoman not?

It is this massive failure on the part of Angela Merkel and her former history which has called her character into question—is Merkel a Russian agent?

According to a veteran journalist talking with the Gateway Pundit, it is an open secret that Merkel was once upon a time a Russian agent…

This journalist cites communist activism in her youth and some very onerous connections to organizations and political entities…

Let’s take a look:

According to The Gateway Pundit:

The internet has long been full of speculation about Angela Merkel’s possible role as a Stasi informant in former East Germany.

Two former leaders of the Communist Youth League, Gunter Walther and Hans-Jörg Osten, have claimed that Merkel served as Propaganda Officer as a student in Leipzig the 1970s.

Merkel has stated she was “Cultural Secretary” for the Communist Youth League, and mainly in charge of procuring theater tickets.

BBC News had this to say about Nordstream 2:

In May, Gazprom closed a key pipeline which runs through Belarus and Poland and delivers gas to Germany and other European nations.

Then in June, it cut gas deliveries through Nord Stream 1 by 75% – from 170m cubic metres of gas a day to roughly 40m cubic metres.

Then, in July, it shut down Nord Stream 1 for 10 days, citing the need for maintenance.

Shortly after reopening, Gazprom halved the amount supplied to 20m cubic metres because of what it called faulty equipment.

Now it has completely halted all gas supplies to Europe through the pipeline.

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