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NEWS FLASH: Illegal Immigrants Storm Kamala Harris’s House! [VIDEO]


Some elements of the Republican Party are actually stepping up and playing hardball as a result of President Trump.

After being swamped with over 2,000,000’migrants’ this year, parts of the United States are tired of having their sovereignty hijacked by an ineffectual and arrogant federal government.

While migrants have been utilized as weapons against red states, red states are now fighting back and fighting fire with fire…


According to Jim Hoft, founder of The Gateway Pundit:


Border Czar Kamala Harris refuses to visit the border, so the border came to her!

On Thursday morning, two buses carrying more than 100 illegal immigrants arrived to Kamala Harris’s residence in Washington, DC.


The migrants were among the more than 2 million illegal aliens who crossed the US open border this year!


Every day, 8,000 illegals cross the border into the United States!

Over the weekend, Kamala told reporters, “The border is secure.”


These individuals simply cannot quit lying.


Governor Abbott of Texas gave Kamala a reality check today!


As Maria Bartiromo pointed out in the video below, the government ends up paying for these two million invaders’ food, healthcare, shelter, education, transport, and so on.


This is supported by both Democrats and Republicans!


So, will the fake news cover this?


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