President Trump Meets….President Trump


If you’ve been with us for a while, you know Captain Deplorable.

I love this guy!

There are a lot of Trump impersonators out there, but this guy is the best, hands down.


One, because he has talent.

Two, because he nails everything: the voice, the tone, the body language, the content.  Everything is perfect!

But Three, and most important, because you can tell he’s doing it out of a loving, respectful place, not out of mockery.

And comedy always thrives in that environment.

Comedy DIES when it’s birthed out of hatred.

So this guy gets the perfect trifecta.

I’m going to show you “Trump Meets Trump” in just a minute, but first if you’ve never seen him before or as a refresher, let’s take a look at some of my favorites….

First up, Trump Goes To Arby’s:

Watch right here on Rumble:

That cracks me up every time!

“Yes, I hear you’ve got the meats….”

So good.

Then you gotta follow that up with some Chick-Fil-A sauce:

And he does a ton of these and they’re not all about fast food….

Actually, most are not fast food, but I just happen to find these so funny.

And this one is great because you can see the guy (finally) catches on and gets it.

So good:

@captaindeplorable TRUMP GOES TO ARBY’S! #Trump #MAGA #Arbys #fyp #funny #food #DriveThru #STAYLOUD #LOUDMAJORITY #USA #AmericaFirst ♬ original sound – Captain Deplorable

One more non-fast food one:

Ok, so now for the big moment…

You knew this had to happen eventually right?

Trump Meets….Trump!

CaptainDeplorable (aka Shawn Farash) meets Donald J. Trump.

I can’t even imagine how cool this must have been:

I always say President Trump has a GREAT sense of humor and he proved it here.

It’s not always easy to hear a parody of yourself, but watch has he laughs along (genuinely) and then they have a great moment.


Last up, before I wrap this up, I have my own personal connection here….

As good as all of those are, there is one that has a special place in my heart and will always be my favorite.

Backup here:

My man, you absolutely NAILED IT!

I’m still laughing…so awesome, thank you!


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