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Raw Election Data: Massive Fraud in MI: “Electronic Poll Book” Contains Real 2020 Election Results!


Stefanie Lambert has spent the past fifteen years as a licensed attorney, splitting her time between Michigan and Massachusetts. She spent more than twelve years as a prosecutor, and oversaw thousands of cases before stepping away to start her own firm.But now, Stefanie has moved her work into the realm of election fraud. She says that she has proof of widespread election fraud in Michigan, which Donald Trump won in 2016 but then “lost” by a hundred and fifty thousand votes in 2020.

Here’s how it works. In Michigan, the state used special computer software for their election day polling places to automate voter processing and the generation of precinct reports. This software is called the “Electronic poll book” or EPB. The software is supposed to allow election inspectors to look up a voter’s registration record, confirm their registration is correct, and then supply them with a ballot, thereby automating what would normally have to be done with pen and paper. After the election is over, the EPB software generates reports to create an official precinct report. By the way, the law doing this was only passed in 2018, so 2020 was the first presidential election Michigan ever used this approach for.

If that doesn’t set off alarm bells in your head, well, it should. Just think of what they’re doing: They’re taking a straightforward paper-based process and instead making it use a computer program almost nobody understands. It’s a blatant invitation to quietly commit fraud that only an expert can detect. And according to Stefanie, that’s exactly what happened.

The EPB software was supplied to election workers with a thumb drive that they’d stick into a laptop at a polling site. Just a few weeks after the election, when the outcome was still heavily disputed, Jocelyn demanded that all the thumb drives be erased. Stephanie says this request was made because the thumb drives contained the real voting results on them, and could have been used to expose how the centrally announced results did not match those collected at each precinct.

Wipe the thumb drives, though, and the fraud can’t be found. At least, that was the plan. Stefanie says she has found raw data that is sufficient to prove the fraud in Michigan in 2020. Stefanie Lambert joins us.

Source: redvoicemedia

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