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Real Life Hero: Watch This Incredible Moment As Police Officer Saves Newborn Child’s Life


Police-worn body camera caught the moment a rookie cop saved the life of a week-old baby girl by giving her CPR after she suddenly stopped breathing.

The video shows Officer Nick Greene following a man outside a Shorty’s convenience store in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday and running up to a red truck, where a woman was slouched over in an apparent attempt to protect her baby girl.

At that point, Greene’s partner, Noah Cole, whose body-worn camera captured the entire ordeal, could be heard calling for an ambulance at the gas station at the intersection of 18th Street and Broadway.

Meanwhile, Greene sprang into action, gently hitting the seven-day-old baby’s back as she appeared to be motionless.

Finally, after a few tries, the girl could be seen crying out as her breath returns and she began to move her arms.

‘There we go, there we go, there we go,’ Greene could be heard saying before telling his partner that the situation is under control and handing the baby back to her crying mother as she sighed with relief.

‘We got it breathing,’ Cole radios in on the emergency line.

The mother then thanked the helpful officers, who only joined the Louisville Police Department last year.

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