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“See What’s Missing?”: FBI Exposed For Hiding ‘Definitive Proof’ And ‘Critical Footage’ Of January 6 Pipe Bomber


The Federal Bureau of Investigation was formed in 1908 under the direction of President Theodore Roosevelt. After the assassination of President McKinley, there was a need for a domestic national law enforcement agency.

The creation of the FBI had to be swift, so there was an attempt to fleece othere Fedral Agencies to staff the new organization. Congress quickly prohibited any Treasury Department employee from joining this group for fear it would become a secret police force.

The definition of a secret police force is a unit established by national governments to maintain political and social control over the people. They are often intelligence, security, or police agencies that engage in covert operations against a government’s political, religious, or social opponents and dissidents.

History is full of examples of these secret forces. Nazi Germany had their SS Gestapo under Hitler, Stalin and the Russians had the KGB, and the East Germans had their Stasi. There are plenty more examples and they all have one thing in common.

They protected the political power of a dictator or regime. None of the agencies had an issue operating outside the law to repress dissidents and weaken political opposition. They would work with total impunity and often turned to violence when their tactics required it.

The FBI, overseen by the Department of Justice, has become increasingly political over the last several years. The agency has always had a political side to it. A mountain of sources and evidence indicates J. Edgar Hoover kept secret files on many in D.C. to ensure he got his way. It is well known.

However, today, the agency is growing more and more brazen with its partisan enforcement tactics. The FBI raid on Trump’s Mar a Largo home is politically motivated. As the facts come out, it will be clear the incursion into Biden’s opponent is just to keep Trump off the Ballot in 2024.

he raid and the politicization of the January 6th Inquisition, question the FBI’s legitimacy. It also brings up questions about why there is no new information about the pipe bombs of January 5th.

A lone figure placed a bomb outside the Democratic National Committee, grainy surveillance video released by the FBI shows. The suspect then walks through the residential streets behind the Capitol and placed another pipe bomb outside the Republican National Committee.

New evidence suggests the FBI is hiding evidence in this case. Revolver News reveals that the FBI has, but is refusing to release, security camera footage of the January 6th “pipe bomber” planting the pipe bomb at the DNC building, according to the report.

The FBI claims the pipe bomb was put at the DNC before the Secret Service drove Kamala Harris to the center. The bomb was placed five to seven feet from the exterior of the building. The protocol is for the Secret Service to sweep the area. Did they miss a pipe bomb laid out in plain sight? Highly doubtful.

Two cameras caught the suspect sitting on a park bench and placing the pipe bomb. The released footage shows nothing other than a hooded figure. The camera should have a “moneyshot” of the person from 7:48 PM to 7:52 PM but the FBI is refusing to release the footage.

Let’s not forget the FBI refused to release the images of the Boston Marathon Bombers after they had clear pictures of who they were. The refusal to release those images cost MIT Police Officer Sean Collier his life after the Tsarnaev brothers shot and killed Officer Collier while he sat in his patrol car that night.

The FBI has not learned from the Marathon Bombing mistake. Or have they? There is one of two options playing out here. Either they have not learned and are bound to make another mistake or they are deliberately withholding details which in many common tongues is called a cover-up.

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