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“They Knew Everything”—President Trump Issues New, Scathing Statement


In case you had a little doubt…

President Trump claims that Biden and his White House knew about the raid on Mar-A-Lago, in fact, they were part and parcel involved with the orchestration, approval, and planning of the raid.

We previously reported that documents pertaining to the raid intimately tied the White House to the raid, but Biden and his cronies continue to deny their role.

The best part about this entire charade?

They seem to have really bolstered support for President Trump—people all over the country now see just how far this illegitimate administration will go to attack Trump…

Here’s what he and others had to say about the politically motivated raid:

The Gateway Pundit writes:

”They eliminated Trump’s executive privilege claims — which allowed for the DOJ to issue a subpoena against Trump.

That subpoena ultimately led to the raid.

Larry Kudlow explains via Fox Business:

”Personally, I continue to believe that this is not about presidential documents, but it is about desperate attempts by the Biden Administration to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in 2024.

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