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This Are The People That Control Biden, And Their Plans Are Evil: The Five Ways Globalist Elites Are Herding Americans Into Forced Dependency


There’s a difference between being controlled and being dependent. Control can be broken. Dependency is far harder for people to leave. The globalist elites use one to get the other.

As the push toward The Great Reset continues, many Americans are doing what they can to remain independent. But the globalist elites are pushing back with everything they have to force dependency on as many patriots as possible. On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I discussed five ways they’re trying to do it.

First, we have to understand the difference between control and forced dependency. Control is relatively easy to achieve, as we saw during the first 18-months of the Covid Plandemic. The told us to wear masks, so most did. They told us to get vaxxed, so many did. They told us not to go to church, so most didn’t. We were being controlled and far too few American patriots stood up to them.

Forced dependency is the formation of the Absolute Welfare State. It’s what happens when circumstances warrant an existential decision. Comply or die. It sounds like something we would never see in the United States of America, but how many things have we seen since early 2020 that we thought before could never happen here?

Henry Kissinger wasn’t writing a quotable line for the history books when he talked about control. He was writing a playbook. That’s why it’s not surprising the first three of the five ways I discussed about how they’re going to force dependency are directly from his infamous globalist quote.

It’s important to know that they will not invoke direct government control over any of these five paths to forced dependency. They will use public-private partnerships to “solve” problems they’re creating in a classic Hegelian Dialectic set of circumstances. They will partner with people like Bill Gates for food. They’re already partnered with many energy companies and they will add to their ranks. They partner with central banks for financial controls. They will partner with BlackRock and others for shelter control. And, of course, they will advance their already-existing partnerships with Big Pharma to control healthcare.

I go into much more detail on the show, but here are brief overviews of each of the five ways they’re attempting to establish forced dependency for as many Americans as possible:

Who Controls the Food Supply Controls the People

This is the obvious one that’s being created through their manufactured food shortages. It’s no secret that people like Bill Gates have been buying up massive amounts of farmland. This will come into play in a major way once store shelves start really going bare.

Who Controls the Energy Can Control Whole Continents

Just as many European nations are scrambling in preparation for a cold winter without Russia’s natural gas, so too is the U.S. government scrambling to prepare for a gas apocalypse. But it’s all for show. They will partner with effectively all energy companies to put strict controls on price (which will be their predicate for going down this draconian road) but more importantly on supply. Only the compliant will be able to get gas, heat their homes, or power their lives.

Who Controls Money Can Control the World

Central Bank Digital Currencies. That’s it. That’s the ready-made path that has been set forth for a public-private partnership. Instead of controlling industry, they simply need to control currency. That will make everything else fall in line for them.

Shelter Control

Some may think their goals of controlling where many if not most people live is all about keeping us grouped together, but that’s a secondary benefit for the globalist elites. The real benefit to them is being able to establish the Total Surveillance State. By keeping people on “public-private” land, they will be able to keep tabs on them 24/7. Think 1984.

Healthcare Control

Covid was the dress-rehearsal. We’re going to see far more stringent controls over healthcare, especially when the next Plandemic hits. Whether it’s a new variant of Covid, Monkeypox, Hemorrhagic Fever, or something else, we can expect a so-called with a higher death rate pop up and compel government to get fully in bed with Big Pharma.


What is behind all of this? Is it just for The Great Reset? Is that their endgame? No. The Great Reset is a pathway to establish dependency among the masses for one purpose and one purpose alone: To drive a wedge between us and our Creator.

Jesus Christ said He is the way, the truth, and the life. The powers-that-be want to change that paradigm, at least as it’s perceived by the masses. They want to determine the way people exist. They want to control what is perceived as truth. They want to make the choice for the people about whether they live or die.

The vast majority of those working toward The Great Reset have no idea about any of this. The truth about the machinations is limited to the globalist elites as well as patriots who are willing to see this for what it is. If you’ve read this far and understand it, you’re part of the latter group. We must fight the good fight, pray constantly, and move forward knowing how the story really ends.

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