Video: Children Inside Nantucket Restaurant Take Selfies With Joe Biden Who’s Trapped Behind Sniff-Proof Glass …. And Here is How it Turned Out

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Joe Biden is spending the long weekend in a $22 million house on Nantucket owned by a billionaire who doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes.

Joe and Jill Biden went shopping in Nantucket for Small Business Saturday.

Biden didn’t actually buy anything. He just blocked the streets with his security detail and shuffled around Main Street.

Social media users roasted Joe Biden over “creepy” selfies with kids where the president is seen lurking in the background of children’s selfies with his face up against a window.

Biden gave kids sitting in the Lemon Press Juice Shop on Nantucket an up-close and personal look when he approached the store window and smiled for some photos, a social media post from the Nantucket Current shows.

The president, who is on Nantucket with his family for Thanksgiving, was shopping along the strip for Small Business Saturday when he stopped to meet his little fans.

“There’s Joe! Oh my God, hi!” one of the children can be heard screaming as the president gingerly walks down Main Street sipping his drink through a straw.

Biden stops dead in his tracks upon hearing their excited cries and instantly walks toward the window and waves.

Biden does a semi-squat at the window and bows his head to take his sunglasses off before slowly lifting it toward the kids, exposing his pearly whites.

We normally wouldn’t post photos of kids, but there’s something about this picture of Biden just outside the window … so close, and yet so far.

Photo below:

The menacing look is really, uhh…not great.

The children got Biden’s attention so he beelined to the window (of course).

Video below:

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