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[VIDEO] Newly Uncovered Footage Of Shooter At Backdoor Of School Raises More Questions


The Uvalde local police deals with serious backlash after the deadly tragedy. Innocent kids died that day and no one did a thing to stop the shooter.


Local law enforcement personnel admit to making a mistake. They did not engage the shooter and remained in the classroom for a further 80 minutes.

This speech, however, will not bring those innocent children back. Nineteen cops stood outside the classroom, not moving a muscle.

Let us not forget that law enforcement recently completed “mass shooter” training. Why did they go in the opposite direction in Uvalde?

According to other reports, the cops “encountered” the shooter outside the facility but did nothing to engage him.

Here’s a quick movie to prove that. Two police officers can be seen in this footage staring toward the school. The shooter entered the building through the back door, which was open.


Why did they let him enter the classroom?

These people took an oath to protect us.

Here’s what people said online:

“Absolute disgrace. Arm yourselves and protect your family, don’t depend on police”

“This is intolerable.”

“And then there is this. WTF is going on? Why is there so much weirdness around this?”

“Something doesn’t smell right”

“It’s truly astounding that those armed police officers just watched as the gunman arrived at the school and let him enter. What on Earth are these people for then?”

“apparently they were on location before Ramos arrived? How does that fit into the timeline?”

“my question… who recorded that video and why were they there before Ramos entered the building?”

“I would like to know why the teacher propped the door open.”

“Apparently the teacher left the door propped open to get something out of her car but then when she came back she kept the door propped?? I dunno. It doesn’t make sense.” 

According to CBS News, the 18-year-old shot his grandmother in the face before arriving at school. A block from the Uvalde school, the gunman smashed his grandmother’s car.

When the furious young man came to the school, a district police officer confronted him but did not stop him. Ramos entered a classroom after passing through two corridors.

Look at this:

Why did they let this horrible person enter the school?

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