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[VIDEO] The Kamala “Word Salad” is Back With a Vengeance, She Speaks For 50 Seconds, Yet Says NOTHING


For the past few weeks now, Kamala’s infamous “word salads” have been shelved. I actually thought maybe she had got her act together and finally hired a good speechwriter, but of course, I was wrong.

Kamala is still the same shallow, clueless, windbag she always was. The “word salad” is back, with a vengeance. I have noticed that when Kamala starts rambling about outer space, the word salads get really crazy, and I think it’s because she and her staff have no idea what they’re talking about.

As you know, Kamala recently lost her top speechwriter, so many thought she was making sweeping changes on her team, to boost her image…. clearly, that’s not what happened. I think her word salads disappeared because she just wasn’t talking as much.

But she’s back to her old ways, and once again, Kamala tried talking about something, something, something, exploring space, something, something, something.

Honestly, I don’t have a clue what this woman was trying to say.

You can watch the video below: KAMALA HARRIS: “It is critical that we…partner to ensure that we are speaking the same language with the same motivation, inspired by the opportunity of it all, but then doing the work of updating how we have been talking and thinking about our exploration in space.”

The comments about Kamala are always so funny:

“If you close your eyes you can see the powerpoint next slide please”

“Tell me that you’re a f*ckwit without telling me that you’re a f*ckwit.”

“this is Marxist speak. This is how you politic for redistributions.”

“51 seconds of nothing …”

“She can Spread Manure like nobody’s business! 50 seconds to say nothing, From a brain that thinks nothing, from experience that accomplish nothing.”

“She says nothing here.. but takes 50 seconds to do it.”

“This is what happens when a dumb-dumb talks about issues which are mildly complicated.”

“OMG. Our enemies must be laughing their butts off between her and Mumbles. So embarrassing.”

“That’s what diversity and inclusion candidates do for you – utterly out of their depth.”

“Mentally Ill people constantly use exaggerated hand gestures. Pelosi is another good example…”

“WTF is she talking about? Mind numbing listening to her. My IQ dropped 20 points. “

“Is there a Google translate for Word salad? Holy hell.”

“She speaks so much, yet says so little.”

God help us when this turd brain takes over because there is no way that Joe Biden is going to make it to the end of his term.

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