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[VIDEO] There’s a Very Good Reason Why They Keep Putting Joe Biden On a Bike


Why do they insist on putting this rickety buffoon on a bike? In this latest “bike ride,” Joe looks like he’s one breath away from tipping over.

Well, I’ll tell you why they do it… because it’s the ONLY way they can respond to claims that Joe is frail, feeble, senile, and mentally unfit to do his job. They can’t actually come out and discuss or debate Joe’s condition, because that would open a whole can of ugly worms. They can’t offer to have Joe take a cognitive test, because he’d fail, and they can’t get too deep into medical records, or we’d know what was really going on. So, all they have left is putting this wobbly old dude on a bike, telling him to peddle, and then “ooohing and aaahing” at him, like he’s some kind of trained monkey doing a trick, and he kind of is.

And speaking of tricks, he recently screwed up one of his bike tricks and embarrassed the admin when he fell off his bike when it wasn’t even moving. So, it’s imperative that the Handlers continue pushing these torturous “bike rides” to erase that falling debacle from the minds of every American. That way, no one can say Joe Biden isn’t healthy; after all, could a feeble man with dementia ride a bike?

Yes, and they’d look exactly like Joe: shaky, unsure, and afraid of falling again.

That’s what the video clip of his recent bike ride looks like — a feeble guy who looks really unsure and is hanging on for dear life, hoping to God he doesn’t fall.

You can watch the video below:

Joe’s entire illegitimate “presidency” is all a terrible attempt at an illusion to make him appear healthy, cool, and in control. The Handlers think they can erase months of stammering, slurring, confusion, wandering, and falling, with one awkward bike ride and a pair of Aviator sunglasses.

A new poll out shows that nearly 60 percent of Americans think Joe Biden’s mental health is a concern.

‘’A new survey shows that most Americans are worried about President Biden’s mental health following a fresh spate of public gaffes and awkward antics, leaving many to wonder if the 79-year-old should run for reelection two years from now.

According to the Issues & Insights/TIPP poll released Monday, 59% of respondents were “concerned” about the president’s mental health, with 36% saying they were “very concerned” and 23% “somewhat concerned.”

Maybe they could’ve pulled this propaganda nonsense off in 1992, but not in 2022.

One shaky bike ride will not change the American people’s minds about feeble and senile Joe Biden.

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