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[VIDEO] What a Slip of The Tongue…President Trump is Living Rent-Free in Biden’s Empty Head


Joe Biden hightailed it outta dodge the day the communist Feds raided President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. He and his dysfunctional, weird, and perverted family went on yet another vacation.

This time to South Carolina. While they were gone, they super-spread their COVID germs all over the place — Jill is now sick. She tested positive today. She’s now isolated and experiencing mild symptoms. And the reason she’s experiencing mild symptoms is because that’s what happens to most people who get COVID, with or without the vaccine. That’s why it has a 99.8 survival rate.

But Joe is back to wearing his mask… incorrectly. He just signed the bill to add 87K IRS agents and raise taxes on the middle class. And when he walked into the room, he took off the mask and then proceeded to cough several times into his hand.



That’s what the Dems call sCiEnCe!

Biden then proved that President Trump is living rent-free in that big empty head of his. While Biden was trying to stammer, slur, and sputter out the words “big drug companies,” he actually said, “Big Trump companies” before he clumsily corrected himself.

This guy is absolutely HAUNTED by President Trump, and I love it.

Biden sounds terrible. He’s sluggish, confused, and looks and sounds like he needs another IV bag filled with “magic meds.”

You can watch the video below:

Personally, I think Biden and Garland are sh*tting their diapers over this raid. They’ve crossed a line at this point, and where they are heading is very dangerous and unfamiliar political territory for the entire Dem Party. The issue for the Dems is that they have the most unpopular “president” of all time, using his power to make some very un-American moves against a man who’s much more popular than he is. I don’t think this end well for Garland or Joe.

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