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WATCH: AOC Gets PISSED After A Single Protester Gawks At Her — Now Says Congress SHOULDN’T Allow Protesters (*Against Her, Not Republicans)


Yesterday on the steps of Capitol Hill a protester crudely gawked at AOC, claiming she’s his “favorite big booty latina” even though she wants to murder babies.

AOC apparently posted on it yesterday but then took it down, posting this instead and saying that Congress shouldn’t allow this to happen:

But she did include the video of the guy gawking at her, claiming she was going over to deck him:

AOC doesn’t look like she was going to deck anyone. Looks to me like she was happy about it and even said she was giving him a selfie:

This from the same woman who mocked Kavanaugh for being forced to leave a restaurant due to baby murder protesters.

See, it’s all ok unless it happens to them.

Jenna Ellis quickly chimed in with this tweet from AOC:

People like AOC only like it when protesters target her opponents. But when some guy gawks at her booty, he must be stopped!

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