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Watch: President Trump Just Posted This Hilarious Biden “Redacted” Video On Truth Social


I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, we have the best and the most creative meme artists on our side, and they’re one big reason that we’re winning.

There is nothing that can propel your message forward faster than a good meme. Memes are clever and funny, and people can instantly relate to them and “get” the message right away. That’s why they’re so powerful, and that’s why the left is trying so hard to shut down our memes and meme artists. They now “fact-check” memes, even the memes that are an obvious joke. It feels like the Dems and the media are the uncool, square parents who don’t “get” the joke… But they actually do get it, and that’s why they’re trying to stop it.

And nothing is more powerful than when President Trump posts one of these great memes. And that’s what just happened. I was on Truth, perusing around and I saw that President Trump had retruthed this amazing meme which was done by two MAGA meme legends: Silent Memeority and Grand Old Memes. You know when these two are working on something, it’ll be great. And when I watched this, I couldn’t believe how creative and funny it was.

It pairs the absurdly redacted files from the DOJ’s barbaric raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, with Bumbling Joe, falling UP the stairs of Air Force One… and what you get is one of the best video memes I’ve seen lately.

Bravo. I can see why President Trump retruthed it.


Here’s a screenshot of President Trump’s Truth Account:

I love how President Trump always acknowledges and supports his creative supporters.

That’s amazing, and it’s why he has such a devoted and loyal following. He’s a man of the people, and his actions show it every day.

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