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WATCH: Shocking 7 Min Video Of Biden’s Abhorrent Racism Leaks … OMG HE‘S HARDCORE!


Since Donald Trump entered the scene, the liberal talking heads, the mainstream media, and Democratic politicians have repeatedly accused him of being a racist without providing any supporting data.

Despite the fact that his daughter and some of his grandchildren are Jewish, they even referred to him as an anti-Semite. However, they never refer to all of his outstanding contributions to the causes of Blacks and Hispanics.

Opportunity Zones were developed by Trump. Companies receive tax incentives by establishing in underserved minority communities there. There are 8,764 of them, and according to HUD, over 1 million individuals should be lifted out of poverty by 2020.

Trump provided the funding while black schools and universities were all in serious financial straits. How long did the Democrats make their promise of prison reform? Trump carried it out.

Employment rates among Black and Hispanic workers broke previous levels. However, under Biden, Black unemployment is increasing even while the unemployment rate is declining.

Overall, don’t you think it’s not awful for a racist and white supremacist? In 4 teats, he accomplished more for minorities than 40 Democrats did.

The following is a list of Biden’s racial remarks:

-Biden tells black voters that if they support Trump, they “ain’t black.”

-Biden asserting that underprivileged children of color and minorities

Biden said Barack Obama as “intelligent, articulate, and clean.”

– Biden supporting segregationists

-Biden praising Robert Byrd, a grand cyclops of the KKK

-Biden asserting that you need a “slight Indian accent” to enter a 7-Eleven.

-Biden asserting there is no variety in the black community

-Biden warning black people that they will be placed back in shackles

-Biden applauding black women for stacking supermarket shelves

-Biden was concerned about raising his kids in a “ethnic jungle.”

According to The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden’s racist remarks over the years are documented in a 7-and-a-half minute video that was distributed by the Republican National Committee on Monday.

The footage is graphic.

Trump is alleged to be racist by the media without any supporting data.

The same media, however, fail to mention Joe Biden’s overt prejudice.

Even though Biden’s racist comments are on camera, the media chooses to ignore them.

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