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WATCH: Ted Cruz GRILLS State Dept diversity officer over blatant discrimination…


Yesterday Ted Cruz grilled the State Department diversity officer over what is clearly blatant discrimination going on within her department.

And he presented an email to back up his accusation, which stated that some candidates weren’t being hired because they had a disability, were straight white men or because they didn’t have the ‘right’ religion.

Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley noted that she had never seen the email and that anyone excluding these categories would be breaking the law.

Cruz pressed her on whether she was aware this blatant discrimination was going on in the state department and she feigned ignorance, of course.

She’s the chief diversity and inclusion officer so I wonder how she could not know about this? At one point Cruz, using a line from Office Space, said “what would you say you do around here?”

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