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WATCH: Unelected New York Gov Hochul Tells All Trump Supporters To LEAVE The State — ‘You Don’t Represent Our Values!’


Kathy Hochul, the unelected Governor of New York who took away citizen’s rights during the pandemic, wants Trump supporters to “get out of town” because “you don’t represent our values.”

Let’s see, what are the values of New York under socialist Democrats like Hochul? Her pro-crime policies, such as no bail for criminals, are particularly troubling. She also wants unborn babies aborted until birth. Hochul supports open borders. We have no idea who is crossing our borders, and she is fine with that.

The unelected one wants us to spy on our neighbors and tattle on them like in the “good old days.” The woman has language rules in what once was a state that supported free speech. For example. we can’t say “inmates” and must say “incarcerated people.”

Hochul is all for 1619, CRT, and gender-affirming care.

There is no end to her pay-for-play. She rewarded a big donor with a $637 million no-bid contract. Her oppressive gun bills pass without a fight in this one-party state while she makes the state more dangerous.

Unelected Hochul flew a black communist liberation flag over the Capitol, which includes her values.

Maybe she should get out of town. If Lee Zeldin doesn’t win the governorship, New York will be a communist state. Those are her values.



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