While Hamas Holds 30 Americans Hostage, Joe Biden Relaxes On The Beach


One thing is certain with Joe Biden..

He loves the beach.

In fact, it’s his favorite place to get away for a while as the world burns around him.

Hamas is currently holding at least 30 Americans hostage.

You would think that the acting leader of the country would be doing something about that.

Not Joe Biden though.

He’s busy adding to his record-breaking vacation total by relaxing on the beach:

Daily Mail reported on Biden’s beach getaway:

President Joe Biden plans to escape Washington for the weekend and head to his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home as the crisis continues in the Middle East and chaos over House speakership has left Congress unable to help.

In the Middle East, Israel is readying a ground invasion of Gaza, while U.S. troops have been targeted in Iraq and Syria, all the while the clock is ticking to get more U.S. hostages back as the first two were relaesed.

Of course, even before his beach trip, Biden was making jokes about the current situation in the House of Representatives:

On Capitol Hill, Rep. Jim Jordan’s third try for the speakership failed, prompting even more uncertainty about when the House GOP would elect a new speaker.

At a fundraiser Friday evening in Washington, D.C., before Biden flew to Delaware, the president joked about Jordan’s bad fortune.

‘He just got his rear end kicked,’ the president commented.

I’m glad Joe has once again proven where his priorities are, which is nowhere near the country he presides over as leader…

Biden continues to piss off the entire country with his antics:


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