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White House Chaos Explodes: Biden And Harris Could Be Off The Ticket


According to the Yahoo News/YouGov poll released last week, only one in five Americans thinks President Biden should run for reelection, while the vast majority feel it is time for him to retire.

As he approaches the halfway point of his presidency, Biden has little chance of gaining mass support for reelection in 2024. There is only 18 percent of respondents who believe Biden should run again, according to the survey.

There was a seven-point decrease from the number who said he should run in May. This was “the lowest number to date” according to the report.

Furthermore, just 35 percent of Democrats think Biden should run for reelection – a drop of eight points since May. The number of Republicans and independents who believe Biden should run again is only nine percent and 12 percent, respectively.

According to 64 percent of American adults, he should not run again:

When asked “who they would rather see as the Democratic nominee for president in 2024,” only about a quarter (27%) of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents now say Biden. Fewer say Vice President Kamala Harris (19%); most say either “someone else” (20%), they’re “not sure” (30%) or that they “wouldn’t vote” (4%).

Now, the idea of replacing Vice President Kamala Harris is rumored to be on the table among some of President Joe Biden’s allies.

Prof. Jason Nichols writes in a blistering piece for Newsweek that “we are stuck with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris” at the moment, but that Biden may “change that” as we approach 2024.

“It was the meme of the week: Joe’s gotta go. It felt like every liberal news outlet took part in a week of a scathing critique of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, with many even from the President’s own party suggesting he commit to not running in 2024,” Nichols noted.

“This is not to say that Joe Biden’s presidency has been entirely successful. Many feel he has been unable to secure important legislative victories or fulfill campaign promises, despite having a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. President Biden also failed to secure voting rights or police reform, both big issues for African Americans, who also happen to be the Democrats’ most loyal and important voting block,” he continued.

There has been a growing alarm about Biden and Harris in the mainstream media over the past few weeks.

This week, The Atlantic published a story entitled, “20 Reader Ideas for Who Could Replace Biden,” which includes a list of possible candidates to replace Biden.

The website Politico also reported months ago that rumors have been circulating about Biden running again in 2024 and whether Harris will be his running mate if he does.

There was an incendiary article in New York Magazine last month titled, “There Has to Be a Backup Plan. There’s a Backup Plan, Right? Inside the 2024 soul-searching that’s happening in every corner of the Democratic Party,” by writer Gabriel Debenedetti who examines how Democrats are coming to terms with their fate.

In a CNN report published late last year, White House insiders alleged Biden and Harris were in total discontent.

“Kamala Harris is a leader but is not being put in positions to lead,” a top Democratic donor said. “[Biden] should be putting her in positions to succeed, as opposed to putting weights on her. If you did give her the ability to step up and help her lead, it would strengthen you and strengthen the party.”

“That chatter has already reached top levels of the Biden orbit, according to one person who’s heard it,” CNN declared.

“She’s perceived to be in such a weak position that top Democrats in and outside of Washington have begun to speculate privately, asking each other why the White House has allowed her to become so hobbled in the public consciousness, at least as they see it,” according to the report. “Republicans and right-wing media turned Harris into a political target from the moment she was picked for the ticket. And implicit racism and sexism have been constant.”

The Harris camp also disagrees with Biden and the positions she has been assigned since taking office.

Biden rode high with an approval rating of 55% to 59% in his first month as president. Among the many executive orders he signed, the American Rescue Plan, worth $1.9 trillion, was passed through Congress.

In August, he decided to withdraw the United States from Afghanistan. Right and left news outlets covered the botched withdrawal negatively, resulting in a precipitous decline in his presidency.

The combination of both soaring inflation and supply shortages, record gas prices, a purposefully open border, and Russia’s war in Ukraine has left Biden’s presidency in ruins.

Despite his bungling and misfortunes, Biden continues to maintain a headstrong stance when it comes to key areas where he believes that different policies might mitigate American problems.

Source: republicbrief

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