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Why Is Herschel Walker Making The Satanic Hand Sign?


Well, this is disturbing…

And disappointing.

Actually, I am hoping there might be a logical explanation to it and maybe one of you can help me out in the comments if this is related to football or something other than a Satanic, Masonic hand gesture.


First, let me back up for a second…

We’ve covered the so-called “Elites” and their demonic hand symbols many times before.

We’ve also broken down all their rituals and symbolism that they love so much many times before.

So with those as background, now we jump to Herschel Walker who suddenly holds up the Satanic hand triangle just like Beyonce and so many other “Elites”.


What’s up with that?

Watch it for yourself and you be the judge…

Jump to 18:50 minute mark to see it:

Leave a comment below if you know what’s going on.

Innocent gesture?

Different meaning?

Just a fluke?

Or intentionally flashing the Masonic triangle?  Source: welovetrump


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