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Why Was There A Goat At The Queen’s Funeral?


Many users on Twitter noticed something that was bizarre about the Queen’s funeral procession and that was the fact that a goat was leading it!

During the third day of the Queen’s funeral procession, a Shenkin goat wearing a strange uniform led Welsh soldiers at a ceremony in Cardiff, Wales.

Many users on the internet automatically associated the goat as being symbolic of the Baphomet which is a deity that is worshipped by the occult that resembles a goat.

However many historians have come out and said the goat is a mascot for the Royal Welsh regiment and is meant to bring “good luck”.

Vogue had these details to share:

Horses aren’t the only animal associated with Queen Elizabeth that are playing a role in the public mourning period and Charles’s ascension to the throne.

In Cardiff, Wales, the Royal Welsh regiment held a formal ceremony acknowledging the passing of the monarch and the appointment of a new one. Their official mascot, Shenkin the goat, took part in the proceedings.

Mother Jones added these details about how the goat gained notoriety:

The royal goat tradition dates back to the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Bunker Hill (1775), when a wild goat purportedly led a group of Welsh soldiers from the battlefield. Yes, this irks the Bostonian in me. But we wound up securing our independence, the goat’s intervention notwithstanding. I can forgive the goat his indiscretion.

Now, the military goats are selected from a herd that lives in Llandudno, Wales, descended from a flock which was said to be a gift from the Shah of Persia to Queen Victoria. Goat selection is apparently an intensive process, requiring the devotion of a full-time Goat Major who trains the kid.

But the Goat is just the tip of the iceberg…

There were a TON more Masonic symbols.

Let’s start here:

FOLLOW UP: The Masonic Burial Of The Queen

Yesterday I brought you a huge report on the Royal Family and their evil, Masonic connections.

We went DEEP.

I will post that full report below in case you missed it, but right now I want to do an important follow up…because we were dead on right!

And watching the Queen’s burial today proved it.

No, I didn’t “watch”.

I never tune in to the Royals and all their nonsense.

I don’t understand people who do.

But I did walk by a couple TVs that had it on and then I saw coverage online later and immediately a couple things jumped out at me…

If you know your Masonic symbols that they love to use over and over, they probably jumped out to you too.

The most obvious was the black and white checkered floor:

How about that…

Now let me ask you this: from a design standpoint, is that really the floor you’re going with for this historic and grand cathedral?

Black and white diamond checkered?

Looks like a kitchen from the 1950s…

But they LOVE the white and black checkerboard.

Many of you picked up on it too, and here is a great explanation of what the symbol means to them:

Behold…the Queen of the Masons being laid to rest on top of a giant masonic floor:

You’ll find this EXACT same floor in Masonic lodges all over the world.

In fact, it’s required:

Hidden in plain sight:

For all the world to see.

Reports say 5.5 BILLION people (or about 60% of the entire world’s population) tuned in to watch this Masonic Ritual…..errrrrr, I mean burial ceremony.

Just look at that picture above…

If I told you this was a screenshot from the movie Eyes Wide Shut, depicting some horribly evil satanic ceremony, you’d probably believe me!

Nope, it was just the Queen’s burial.

Dripping with evil symbolism and ritual.

Oh, but it wasn’t just the floor.

Nope, that would be way too simple.

These people plan big.

The floor and the room are situated in the form of an Inverted Cross (mocking Jesus) and guess what sits at the very center of the Inverted Cross?

Oh that would be where they lowered the casket:

One thing that greatly encouraged me was seeing all of you picking up on this before I even covered it!

Here’s another person who’s wide awake and spotted it:

And in case you think those images are fake or altered, you would be wrong.

Here is a post from the Government of Brazil showing the exact same image:

And if you want video, I have that too.

Watch it here (note even in the thumbnail image below, see the candles?  Those are mean to symbolize the Masonic Pillars that are also found in every temple…it’s all here for the world to see, hidden in plain sight):

I do love what this guy posted…

Very wise words here:

Well said Friar, well said.

And now if you want the rest of my report from last night, I have that for you here.

There is so much more to see here…be sure to educate yourself.

EXPOSED: Is The Royal Family ALL Freemasons?

I’ve had many people ask me to cover this, and I wanted to take the time to do my homework.

But now I’m ready.

I think we all instinctively knew the answer, but I wanted to be able to show you.

Are the Royals all Freemasons?

I’ll let you decide.

Let’s dig in…

Let’s start here, with the famous Masonic symbol of one hand inside the jacket:

A very common, well-known Masonic symbol.

And here’s Charles:

Oh right, I get it, they just have one hand that constantly gets cold?


Then we have the Masonic “Grand Lodge” of England literally telling you the Queen was a Mason:

Many believe Simpsons creator Matt Groening is a 33rd Degree Mason.

I don’t know, but I do know it’s eerie how often they seem to predict world events in advance:

If you ask me, Mason all look like a bunch of DORKS!

Shall we go back in time a bit next?

Here is King George VI, once again featured by the Grand Lodge of England.

King George was a “Grand Master”.

And just look at all those Masonic symbols he’s wearing…

The medallion at his belly is the most well-known Masonic symbol, very clearly seen:


It goes back centuries!

These people worship the dark arts.

Moving across the pond, I was disturbed to see this from the firebrand himself, Matt Gaetz:

Not surprised to see this, but wow…

Here is LeBum James doing a black-magik incantation before his game.

Let’s count all the moves…

The point up.

The triangle hands.

The 666 hands.

It’s all in there, along with whatever that weird swimming motion is:

I’ll say it again:




And make no mistake, the Masons are not just good people trying to help their communities…

Sorry folks.

This is the ancient Babylonian pagan religion:

Even Pacquiao?

Sad to see this one:Als

Laurel and Hardy, which only people over 60 even know who they were…

Hope it was worth it boys:

And of course the Queen, AGAIN being honored by the Grand Lodge of England:

They’re telling you point blank she’s Masonic.

Or was.

One more:

And you gotta love this…

Look how they even have a goat lead the procession:

The goat is of course the symbol of Satan, if you didn’t know.

Any other good reason to put a goat out there?


If you want to know more truth about the Masons, keep reading….I love to EXPOSE them:

WARNING: Ex-Freemason EXPOSES Satanic Secrets Of International Freemasons

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