Wow, THIS seems DAMNING: Warnock’s campaign calls TN resident Dom Lucre to vote for him in GA (watch)

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Now, we’re certainly not experts when it comes to elections and campaigns and all of that jazz but you know, a video from a Tennessee resident where the campaign team of a candidate from Georgia is trying to convince them to vote for their candidate in an election (in another state) seems pretty shady.

Unethical even.

Maybe illegal?

Warnock’s team knows Tennesse isn’t in his district … right? Maybe they’re as dense as he is and got confused?

Yeah, we don’t think so either.

Note, this video from Dom Lucre is pretty long but it’s definitely worth your time. There is some dirty stuff going on in Georgia, and we don’t even feel like joking about adjusting our tinfoil hat saying that after watching this.

Watch, trust us:

See what we mean? And damn, he’s amazing.

Just sayin’.

Probably why she was so absolutely condescending to him.

Scary and telling.

Something stinks with the Georgia Democrats.

Never lived in Georgia.


That doesn’t seem sus or anything.

If more people spoke the truth there would be far fewer Democrats in leadership positions, that’s for sure.

She really didn’t know how to deal with someone who was clearly more informed, smarter, and more well-spoken than she was.

Thinking she’s a perfect example of Warnock and his campaign and how they treat people who don’t fall in line.

Ain’t that the truth?


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