Is Ron’s Selfish “2024 Dream” Over Before It Ever Got Off The Ground?


Stay in Florida, Ron. Trust me, this won’t end well for you… Those should be the words that DeSantis supporters tell him, as rumors continue to swirl that he’s working with GOP establishment and NeverTrump to launch a campaign aimed at destroying MAGA and President Trump once and for all.

Insiders say DeSantis is putting together his team as we speak, and will likely announce his run in June. It’s still a “rumor,” but he certainly hasn’t come out and denied all the constant chatter about his potential run, and that’s because this plot is real and has been going on for a long time now.

President Trump is well aware of it and that’s why he’s been attacking DeSantis – who, by the way, couldn’t be more of a backstabber if he tried.

DeSantis wouldn’t even have that job if it weren’t for President Trump dragging his limp carcass across the finish line against a meth-addicted-bisexual-crook.

But if Ron doesn’t wise up and reverse course and actually goes through with this kamikaze plan to try and dethrone Trump, it will be political suicide for him.

And as Trump supporters start to fight back, we’re now seeing the first signs of what that political suicide is going to look like.

The Hill reported that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) remains the most formidable challenger to former President Trump’s hopes of reclaiming the Republican presidential nomination — but his support may be slipping.

A new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll released Friday exclusively to The Hill shows Trump leading DeSantis 46 percent to 23 percent. That marks a 5-point drop in support for DeSantis since last month, when he trailed Trump by 20 percentage points in the same poll.

Perhaps more alarming for DeSantis, however, is his standing in a hypothetical primary field without Trump. Thirty-nine percent of GOP voters said they would back DeSantis for the Republican nomination if Trump was not in the race, but that’s still 10 points lower than where he stood in January.

Former Vice President Mike Pence, meanwhile, saw a slight uptick in support, rising to 17 percent in the poll, while Nikki Haley, the former United Nations ambassador and South Carolina governor, grew her support to 10 percent — 5 points higher than where she stood last month.

You don’t act like a disloyal jerk, surround yourself with Trump-haters, and think you’ll get the love and trust of MAGA.

That’s not how this works, Ron.

Stay in Florida, and if you need something to do once you’re “termed-out” as governor, write a book or get a gig on Fox, but don’t do THIS.


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