President Trump Still Using The Presidential Seal?


Do we have yet another installment of “hidden in plain sight”?

I’ll report and let YOU decide…

As always, each one of these can perhaps be explained away, but how many do we have to see before they become too many to ignore?

I’ll just keep reporting on them and let you make that decision for yourself.

Here’s what just happened…

During a MAGA Rally yesterday in Iowa, President Trump suddenly help up his folio/binder and eagle-eyes on Twitter noticed it had the Presidential Seal and said PRESIDENT in the bottom right.

Take a look, it’s in this short clip here:

A zoom in:

Closer up:

And one more:

Closer up:

So, it appears clear that this actually happened.

He is still using a folio with the Presidential Seal and marked The President at the bottom.

The only remaining question is whether that has current significance or if he just has a bunch of these leftover from his First Term and he’s still using them?


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