“Absolute Proof Joe Biden Is Not At The White House”


I saw this from my friend Brainstorm_Joe and I thought it was worth sharing with all of you.

You may remember this….

I certainly do.

But so much has happened during the Biden Regime these past 3 years, and there are so many things straight out of “Central Casting” that are just screaming at us that “things aren’t right” and “things are not what they appear” that I thought it was good to spotlight this again.

And for many of you, it may be new to you.

This is actually pretty incredible and something I still can’t explain.

You need to watch Joe’s hands as they inexplicably go “over” the top of the microphones in a way that should not be possible….

But it is EXACTLY the kind of thing you’d see if it were all shot on a green screen.

Take a look:

Folks, how do you explain that?

Now compare to the real deal:

Let’s go even deeper down the “Central Casting” rabbit hole, shall we?

I think we shall….

You HAVE To See This Video: “Central Casting”

I’ve written a lot about whether we are watching “Central Casting” play out on the world stage.

For those who don’t know what that means, Central Casting is a real company that does exactly what the name suggests: they cast people in movies and TV shows.

President Trump references them a lot (I have the clips for you farther below in this article) but the bigger question is whether what you see is not all totally as it seems….

And the people who SEEM like they’re in charge right now might not really have much power.

If any of that seems far-fetched, keep reading and I bet by the end of this article you might be amazed at what you missed — hiding in plain sight!

Now to the video you have to see….

There are a ton of videos below in this article, but the first one I’m going to post below really sums things up so well, and in under 2 minutes.

So here you go….

Watch this video and see if it doesn’t open up your mind a bit:

Ok, now let’s go deeper….

If that has caught your attention, now I’m going to blow your mind wide open:

President Trump Still Using The Presidential Seal?

President Trump: “We are not going to let them rig the election of 2024!”


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