President Trump: “We are not going to let them rig the election of 2024!”


Looks like I have to update my “hidden in plain sight” article yet again….

And this one is about as direct as you can get!

You have to see this clip from President Trump yesterday in Anaheim, CA.

It’s short and powerful, but as you watch this ask yourself one question: does this look like a man who is worried about anything?

Or does it look like a man who already holds ALL the evidence and is just waiting for the perfect time and place to play it?

My take?

You don’t talk like this unless you know you already “have it all”.


And if you missed the full speech, I have it for you right here:

Ok, now for the rest of the “Hidden in plain sight” article…

It just keeps growing.

Read it all right here — it’s getting longer and longer each day!

President Trump: “…In My Second Term, Which Is Sort Of Happening Now…”


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