Biden claims he “got arrested standing on the porch with a Black family” during the civil rights movement (AUDIO)


Joe Biden on Friday morning called into “The Howard Stern Show” in an unannounced appearance on the far-left shock jock’s SiriusXM show.

“I think I should leave now,” Biden joked as Howard Stern slobbered all over him.

“I know everyone’s going to think I’m doing a fake interview with you, but you are really here,” Stern said.

The live interview went sideways after Joe Biden absurdly claimed he “got arrested standing on a porch with a black family” during the civil rights movement.

Biden recounted a conversation with his mother: “She said Joey, remember – true story – remember when they were desegregating… the neighborhood, you know, 70 homes built…and there was a black family moving in and people were down there protesting. I told you not to go down there and you went down. Remember that? And you came and got arrested for standing on the porch with a black family and they brought you back, the police? I said, yeah mom, I remember that!”

This is why Biden’s handlers do not allow him to do live interviews.

Of course, this conversation never happened. Biden was never arrested for standing on a porch with a black family.

This is one of Biden’s favorite lies (he has many).

The Washington Post did a fact-check on this dubious story and concluded there is no evidence to back up Biden’s claim he was arrested on the porch.

Biden never participated in the civil rights movement. He has told a version of this lie many times.

This lie has been repeatedly debunked.

In 1987, Joe Biden falsely claimed he marched in the civil rights movement and eventually dropped out of the presidential race.

Biden finally admitted he lied about marching in the civil rights movement.



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